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Sunday | January 17 | 2021

Tesla is the company that most of Romanians want to invest in found that Tesla is the company that Romanians most want to invest in with an astonishing 11,700 online searches a month for the clean energy innovator’s stock.

Apple is in second position with 6,800 online enquiries per month for the tech enterprises stock from interested Romanians. 

In third place is Amazon with an average of 4,500 online searches each month for their stock. Amazon as an investment prospect is certainly an enticing one, given their consistent desire to expand into new services – this is exemplified by the recent launch of their own online pharmacy.

In fourth spot is NIO who receive an average of 4,300 online searches each month from Romanians keen to invest in the Chinese automobile manufacturers stock.

On the other end in tenth position is Hertz. The car rental organisation gains 800 online searches every month from those looking into their stock as an investment option.

Interestingly, there are 800 online searches per month for Google stock as well, meaning the search engine juggernaut ranks ninth. 

Romanians desire to invest in company stock

Considering that investment in stocks can be a key pillar in building personal wealth, surveyed 1,108 undecided Romanians to find out what would push them over the ‘investment line’, and their answers were as follows:

  • Obtaining more knowledge on investment (79%);
  • Cutting down on non-essential expenses so there is more money available for investment (75%);
  • Accepting there will be various ‘risks’ associated with investing (69%);
  • Having help or guidance from an investment professional (63%);
  • Being less deterred by negative stock market speculation (32%).
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