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Monday | January 18 | 2021

Teemyco raises €1m in a record seed funding round

Teemyco, a Swedish start-up based in Stockholm is creating virtual office spaces. This is the company’s second to date funding round and was led by VC Luminar Ventures.

The round was oversubscribed, involving contributions from early-stage VC firm Antler, recruitment firm Gazella and a number of angel investors.

The investment will help Teemyco to launch its service and hire new employees.

The virtual-office provider’s tech is still in beta mode and allows users to see what is going on in a virtual office space that can be shared with colleagues, with the aim of reproducing office interactions in a digital environment.

They can choose a room to work beside a colleague, enter a meeting room for video calls, or spend time in the virtual coffee room.

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