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Tuesday | March 2 | 2021

Romanian startup Tailent expands internationally

Just a few months after their first investment round from Neogen Capital, the Romanian startup Tailent starts its international expansion.

The company will expand Tailent Automation Platform Studio, for robot development, and Tailent Automation Platform Control Center, for managing robots in production environments, available to clients and partners all over the world.

Tailent Automation Platform (TAP) offers flexibility, performance and scalability in developing and using software robots.

The TAP Studio solution facilitates both every day automation in a low-code or no-code manner, but also the technical ability to tackle complex automation with the powerful built-in custom code functionality.

Some examples are the automation of repetitive or redundant processes, integration of systems that were not intended to communicate with each other, key business solutions that no longer receive support from technology providers or systems where the development and integration of new features is expensive.

Tailent customers are Romanian companies, ranging from public institutions, hotels, and Fortune 500 companies.

The team is now focusing on adding technology partners and opening new markets in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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