Romanian software company KIM revenues grew by 63% in 2021

KIM, the Romanian software company, recorded a 63% increase in business last year, compared to the similar period from 2020.

In 2022, KIM begins negotiations to access a new round of financing and plans to launch a new product, which will facilitate digital transformation and process automation.

The financial forecasts for the next 3 years place the company at revenues of over 10 million euros.

In 2021, KIM has increased the level of standardization by 90% for all its products, which now integrate with the existing systems of the beneficiaries.

Automation solutions completely eliminate the process of manually entering data, while providing real-time visibility into your entire fieldwork.

In the last 10 years, KIM registered 8 production plants digitized and 6 multinationals and 20+ SMEs partnerships in Romania.

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