Recommerce Group refurbished smartphones are sold by Auchan in Romania

Refurbished smartphones cost up to 50% less than new devices, have a 12-month warranty and are 100% functional

Recommerce Group refurbished smartphones are sold in 30 of the Auchan hypermarkets in Romania, located in Bucharest and other major cities.

Auchan was the first retailer to integrate refurbished smartphones in its offer.

The first partnership for the distribution of refurbished smartphones was concluded by Auchan in 2020 with the Romanian start-up, Fenix, which specialized in refurbishing smartphones.

Recommerce Group uses patented and innovative technologies to redeem, repair, and sell used devices. Founded in 2009.

Tthe company has been present in Romania since July 2021, when it acquired the Romanian start-up Fenix.

A refurbished Recommerce smartphone is an already used one, which goes through a series of inspections made by specialists to bring it in a 100% functional and perfectly aesthetic condition.

After verification, it can be purchased at a discount of up to 50% less than a new one with a 12-month warranty, which covers any possible operating problems.

Recommerce Group sells refurbished smartphones in 24 European countries and over 20 models in Romania, guaranteeing customers 12 key benefits of their products.

The global market for refurbished smartphones is growing to 351.6 million units, with a market value of USD 65 billion in 2024, according to IDC estimates.

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