Recent events in Ukraine are slowing down the dynamics of online stores

After two years of constant and significant growth, the end of February 2022 brings a very temperate dynamic of online purchases, according to MerchantPro.

The number of orders globally, but especially in segments like fashion & jewellery, beauty & health, experienced stagnation or decreases of up to 20% in the last week of February.

2021 started strongly for the local e-commerce market with increases of up to 30% in the number and value of orders.

As of February, the first three weeks of the month showed a similar dynamic to January, with + 27% in the number of orders compared to the same period in 2021.

The two-digit growth trend was abruptly interrupted in the last week of the month, when only 4% more orders were registered than in the same week of 2021.

The last week brought a 20% decrease in their number compared to the previous week in February.

In the fashion segment, after an average YoY increase of 16% in the number of orders in the first three weeks of February, the last week marked an increase of only 5%.

In the beauty segment, the YoY increase was 22% in the analysed period, while in the last week of February there was a decrease of 40%.

The 20% decrease in the number of orders between February 22-28 is primarily related to the decrease in store traffic on the MerchantPro platform.

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