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PROCESIO publicly launches its process automation platform

PROCESIO publicly launches today its process automation platform based on Low/No-Code technology.

Technical and non-technical professionals can choose between a free plan or a subscription-based plan and immediately start building integrations and automation processes.

Each plan comes with a 14-day testing period. The subscription value ranges between 600 and 6000 euro/ year according to the client’s business needs.

Users have the opportunity to create prototypes, test and implement automated processes within the platform, in a fast and flexible way.

PROCESIO is an integration Platform as a Service, developed by Ringhel, which provides a fast and scalable alternative to classic coding, by using a Low/No-Code approach.

The technology is for organizations and individuals that want to integrate applications and process data, but more efficiently and faster – up to 5x faster.

With this solution users are able to: test as they build, visually debug, visually build data models, eliminate redundant code and easily extend the platform’s functionality.

PROCESIO has raised so far investments of more than 1 million euros.


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