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Only 2.7 million people visited Louvre Museum in Paris last year

Louvre Museum in Paris was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the number of visitors in 2020 being 72% lower than in 2019, and revenues decreased by over 90 million euros, AFP reports.

The most visited museum in the world was closed last year for six months, receiving only 2.7 million visitors in 2020, compared to 9.6 million visitors in 2019.

The absolute record was set in 2018, when 10.2 million visitors were registered.

In addition, if in a normal year foreign tourists represent 75% of the people who enter the Louvre museum, in 2020 the French accounted for 84% of visitors.

Lost revenues in 2020 are estimated at over 90 million euros, while aid from the French state amounts to 46 million euros.


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