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Monday | April 19 | 2021

Norwegian based Kolonial orders carts worth 2 million SEK

Kolonial, the largest company in Norway for online food deliveries, has placed another order for carts to their distribution sites from FlexQube.

During the fourth quarter, the order value totals 2 million SEK ($235,000).

In addition to this order, Kolonial has also indicated that the need for carts during 2021 will be at least 3 million SEK ($350,000).

FlexQube offers a unique and patented concept that is used to design and deliver robust, modular and flexible material handling carts that can also run autonomous.

The company has manufacturing in Sweden and USA and distribution in North America and in Europe.

OnĀ December 14, 2017, the company was listed on the Nasdaq First North in Sweden.

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