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Tuesday | March 9 | 2021 reached 3,000 shareholders, 20% more compared to September 2020 has reached the number of 3,000 shareholders, according to official market data. Specifically, the listed corporation, based in Spain, has a roll of 3,018 investors.

This represents an increase of 20 percent compared to September 2020.

The main stockholder of the company continues to be its CEO and founder, Sisco Sapena, whose stake amounts to 37.71% of the capital of the business.

The bulk of investors of the company, which has a market cap of over 90 million euros, are retail investors, who own stocks through the Madrid, Paris and New York markets. holds more than 200 patents in e-procurement and e-notification, granted by more than 50 countries on five continents.

The company recorded sales of €16.42 million in 2020, 20% than in 2019. is listed on the OTCQX index in New York, BME Growth in Madrid and Euronext Growth in Paris.

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