Instagram content creators in Romania: mostly female, aged between 18 and 34

According to a survey, 47% of the Romanian influencers active on Instagram have built their communities using flawed practices (such as follow/unfollow, inauthentic comments, growth anomalies, etc.), including content creators in the category of mega-influencers, where the percentage reaches 55.21 %.

“The level of fraud we found in Romania is similar to other European countries both in terms of growth anomalies, and in terms of the fraud level. In the USA, for example, the growth anomalies are even higher, 22.25%, while the level of fraud rises to 54% “, says Nikita Baklanov, HypeAuditor marketing specialist. 

The landscape of Instagram influencers in Romania

The number of users is 4,539,000 people, representing 23.5% of the entire population.

Content creators (18,716 analyzed in the HyperAuditor report) are mostly female (60.40%), most aged between 18 and 34, while male influencers (39.60%) are mostly between 25 and 34 years old.

Overall, the average appreciation of Romanian influencers amounts to 2.86%, slightly lower than in other countries, users in Romania being less involved in the content created by them.

On the other hand, the Romanian nano-influencers have communities with higher engagement (6.23) compared to the international average in this category (5.71).

Mega – influencers and celebrities (over 1 million followers)

They often have a very mixed audience, with various topics of interest. Their relationships with them are colder compared to other groups of influencers.

They have the highest coverage, but the lowest level of trust.

Macro – influencers (100,000 – 1 million followers)

They are famous in a local community, a kind of “mini-celebrity”. Their content is usually of high quality and is based on a certain hobby or theme.

Micro-influencers (5 thousand – 20 thousand followers) and medium-influencers (20 thousand – 100 thousand followers)

They have a niche audience that appreciates more deeply the connection.

Micro-influencers are present in almost every field: health and fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, fashion and beauty are some of the best represented categories.

Nano-influencers (1 thousand – 5 thousand followers)

They are regular consumers, passionate and willing to share; influence a smaller number of people, but have the highest rate of appreciation from their community.

Countries with the highest engagement rate (ER) in 2020

  1. Finland: 5.51%
  2. Greece: 5%
  3. Croatia: 4.12%
  4. Japan: 4.07%
  5. Austria: 4.04%
  6. Germany: 3.91%
  7. Poland: 3.87%
  8. Hungary: 3.82%
  9. Belgium: 3.79%
  10. Latvia: 3.77%
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