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Wednesday | January 27 | 2021

French unions in Renault have agreed a 2,500 jobs cut

CFE-CGC, the most important union from Renault, announced on Thursday that it has decided to sign an agreement that agrees a cut of 2,500 jobs in engineering and tertiary functions of the company in France, via voluntary departures, AFP reports.

The signing of this agreement by CFE-CGC comes after a similar decision announced on Monday by Force Ouvriere, Renault’s fourth largest union.

Given that the two unions together represent more than 50% of Renault’s employees, the agreement can be validated.

This agreement is part of a larger plan that calls for the cut of 15,000 jobs globally, of which 4,600 in France alone.

The 2,100 jobs that are expected to be cut in French plants are to be negotiated.

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