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Enel X reached more than 90,000 charging points on Juicepass App

Enel X further expands its electric vehicle charging network to more than 90,000 public charging points available to users of its JuicePass app.

At the beginning of 2020 the network had around 10,000 charging points.

Enel X has more than 12,500 charging points installed throughout Europe while the accessible network has been further enabled through interoperability via Hubject’s e-mobility platform.

Interoperability allows Enel X JuicePass app users to charge their EVs throughout Europe with a single sign-on, without entering into new contracts with different providers.

This network that now includes more than 90,000 public charging points, including alternating current (AC) charging up to 43kW, direct current (DC) fast charging up to 50kW, and High Power Charging (above 100kW) technologies.


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