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Wednesday | April 14 | 2021

Czech Smartwings to cut around 600 jobs

Smartwings Group announced to the Labour Office of the Czech Republic its intention of collective redundancies.

Depending on the development of the situation, the reduction in the number of staff could affect up to 600 employees of the Smartwings Group.

The jobs affected include pilots, flight attendants and members of the operational and administrative non-aviation business department.

The decision on the first organizational change was discussed with representatives of trade unions and concerns 29 employees.

The termination of employment of redundant employees within the framework of collective redundancies should appear gradually from July 2020 to February 2021.

At the same time, Czech Airlines and Smartwings will allow employees affected by the organisational change to switch to unpaid leave of absence status for up to one year.

The redundancy process will follow the provisions of the Czech Labour Code.

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