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Thursday | January 21 | 2021

Connections launched Tudor, the virtual accounting robot

Romanian startup Connections has launched Tudor application, the virtual accounting robot, developed using UiPath technology.

Tudor Contabot was designed to perform the tasks of a junior accountant.

Specifically, it processes timesheets, generates payroll statements and sends them by email, generates POs for income taxes, generates 112 statements, submits/signs/receives receipts for tax returns, imports invoices issued by the accounting firm in the account of customer companies, enters invoices based on previous pieces of information in Excel, prints the monthly documents, generates reports at the end of the month.

Tudor, the virtual accounting robot, is GDPR compliant and operates on a subscription basis.

The contabot was developed in six months by the Connections RPA team, and the investment has already exceeded 70.000 euros.

Tudor is compatible with accounting programs such as SAGA, CIEL, NAVISION or CHARISMA, and can be adapted to the needs of the companies that want to use it.

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