Coface launches Diagnostic to help companies assess the financial situation of business partners

Coface Romania launches Diagnostic, a unique product on the business information market in Romania.

The new product develops a risk profile of a subject company in a widely addressable language.

What Diagnostic offers to users

Unique on the business information market: the only product in Romania that evaluates the company’s financial situation and payment behavior in an extended 6-page analysis

Analysis: illustrates the main 5 strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of payment behavior, liquidity, solvency, cash flow, investments and working capital turnover

Large addressability: the product can be used by the financial, commercial, management, logistics or procurement departments

Industry-related analysis: objectively interprets the financial indicators of the analyzed company in comparison with sectorial averages and good practices

Intrinsic analysis: evaluates the sustainability of financial indicators considering the company’s situation, years on the market, the need for liquidity and profitability taking into account the investment strategy and capital structure

Diagnostic is useful in assessing a company, its partners, be it suppliers, customers or even competitors.

Over the last 10 years, the degree of interconnectivity of Romanian companies has increased exponentially, as shown by both the dynamics of supplier credit and the evolution of the average period trade receivables collection.

Thus, the supplier credit has become about 3.5 times higher than the amount of bank credit in the last decade, and the average collection period has almost doubled, from 60 days in 2007 to 115 days in 2019.

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