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CCC e-commerce revenue up 61% in Q3 2020

CCC Group closed Q3 2020 with overall revenue growth of 8% and a surge in e-commerce revenue (up 61%).

Eobuwie remains the driving engine of online sales at the CCC Group, but the contribution from other platforms to total revenue (23%) is on the rise. In the third quarter, the share of in the Group’s e-commerce revenue grew to 11% (from 3% a year earlier).

CCC to close 108 stores by the end of this year

CCC wants to significantly downscale its initial targets for retail space expansion (only +9 thousand m2 at the end of Q3 from the year’s beginning vs the initial plans of +60 thousand m2).

By the end of this year, the CCC Group will also close down a total of 108 stores.


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