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Thursday | January 21 | 2021

Carrefour to hire 15,000 young people in France next year

Carrefour plans to hire 15,000 young people in France next year, and half of them would come from disadvantaged neighborhoods, CEO Alexandre Bompard said on Tuesday.

”Approximately 750,000 young people enter the labor market each year,” Alexandre Bompard, Carrefour general manager told RTL radio, talking to workers up to the age of 25.

”They always have a hard time finding a place in the labor market. This year, for those we call the ‘COVID Generation’, it is extremely complicated. The doors are closed because many companies are facing difficulties,” Bompard said.

”We have decided to hire 15,000 young people next year, 50% more than usual, and I want 50% of these young people to come from disadvantaged neighborhoods,” he added.

Carrefour has 321,000 employees worldwide, of which 105,000 in France.

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