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Business demography in Bulgaria in 2018

The active enterprises with zero employees in Bulgaria represent the largest proportion of all active enterprises during the whole (2014 – 2018) period.

In 2018 their number is 168.848 which are 47.1% of all active enterprises. There are 131.816 enterprises in the next ”1 – 4 employees” group which is 37.4% of the total number of active enterprises for 2018.

The enterprises in the ”5 – 9 employees” group represent the smallest proportion of all – 7.2%.

The number of persons employed in ”10 or more employees” group represents 69.4% of all employees for the 2014 – 2018 period while the proportion of the enterprises in this group is 7.8% of all active enterprises.

Almost 11.4% of the total numbers of enterprises in the selected economic sectors are newborn in 2018.

For the last five years the annual average percent for newborn enterprises was 11.9% of the number of active enterprises during this period.

For the 2014 – 2018 period the highest share of newborn enterprises is in sector G – ”Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles” – 41.1%. At the same time the smallest share of newborn enterprises is in sector B – ”Mining and quarrying” with less than 0.1% on average for the whole period.

Almost 80.6% of the enterprises born in 2017 survive one year later, as in the group of ”5 – 9 employees” this share is 88.4%.


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