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Monday | March 1 | 2021

Benefito Mobile, targets 150,000 euros on SeedBlink

Benefito Mobile, a virtual mobile operator (MVNO), targets 150,000 euros on SeedBlink. The listing will take place on Tuesday, January 26.

In exchange for this funding, the founders of Benefito Mobile will sell 10,000 shares representing 5.3% of the capital.

The investment will finance the launch in the second quarter of 2021 of the first prepaid card in Romania through which customers receive mobile credit when purchasing products and services.

How Benefito Mobile works

The Benefito Mobile card represents a premiere for the telecom and retail fields in Romania. Through this card, online and offline retailers will offer different benefits such as recharging their mobile phone credit.

Free credit becomes a reward for customer loyalty – so people who buy more from partner retailers receive more benefits for the money they spent.

Benefito Mobile collaborates with Bonusway and Cashback World, international cashback platforms that have partnerships with hundreds of retailers,

Another differentiator for the Romanian market is the pricing method, which is in lei and not in the euro.

Virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) do not have their mobile network, using a traditional mobile operator’s infrastructure.

Benefito Mobile uses the Telekom Romania Mobile Communications network, through Veridian, which is connected to the Telekom Romania Mobile network as an MVNO Aggregator (MVNA)

The launch of Benefito Mobile comes in the context in which virtual mobile operators have developed for over ten years in Western Europe, representing, depending on the country, between 10% and 40% of mobile users.

The management of Benefito Mobile expects to reach a share of 2-3% of the mobile market by the end of 2025.

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