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Tuesday | December 1 | 2020

BAUHAUS to give full-time employees a 350 euros net ”Covid 19 bonus”

For their ”extraordinary commitment” in the Corona crisis, BAUHAUS will give to employees a 350 euros net ”Covid 19 bonus”, Heute reports.

”Many employees at BAUHAUS have faced particular challenges since the covid-19 pandemic started, whether professionally or privately,” says a company statement. ”Stress resistance, empathy and flexibility were particularly required in order to be able to react to the changing restrictions on the one hand and to the changes in customer behaviour on the other.”

In addition, there was a mandatory mask rule and many other measures to minimize the risk of contagion for customers and employees.

Last but not least, many employees also faced unexpected challenges in their private life.

Therefore, every full-time BAUHAUS employee will receive an extraordinary ”Covid 19 bonus” of 350 euros net.

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