BAT was Romania’s biggest taxpayer in 2021

BAT was Romania’s biggest taxpayer in 2021, with a total contribution of almost 11 billion lei (€2,2 billion) in excise and taxes to the state budget. it is an increase of over 10% versus 2020.

BAT is also one of the top exporters of agricultural products processed in Romania, with over 60% of the volumes produced in Ploiești, cigarettes and tobacco heating consumables, being exported.

The company employs over 3.000 people in Romania and creates another 30.000 jobs through its supply and distribution chain.

It is also the largest player on the tobacco market, with a market share over 50% and one of the leading investors in Romania.

The taxes paid by BAT to the state budget have increased yearly. Out of 20 legally sold cigarettes, 12 stand for the excise duty, 4 for VAT, and the rest make for the manufacturer and seller’s income.

Almost 80% of the price of a pack of cigarettes is directed towards the state budget.

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