AKTOR accelerated works at A10 Sebes – Turda Motorway

AKTOR has significantly accelerated works, with the project marking considerable progress.

The construction of the 24.25 km section extending from Paraul Iovului to Aiud by the AKTOR-Euro Construct Joint Venture, now employs over 600 employees, with AKTOR planning to increase staff to over 750, for the completion of the project.  

The company has also increased the specialized construction equipment used in the project, as 139 trucks, 26 compactors, 31 excavators, 8 bulldozers, 5 finishers (asphalt and BSC paving machines), 7 graders, 9 concrete/concrete pump trucks and other specialized construction machinery, such as build buldo-excavators, water tanks, cranes, front-loaders, big and small generators, drilling machines,have been deployed along the section.  

Additionally 2 asphalt stations, 2 stations of subbase stabilized with cement and a concrete production station are also now in full operation to support the execution of asphalt paving, BSC laying, earthworks soil consolidation and roadside drainage works which are currently being carried out intensively at various sites of the project. 

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